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We are The Hair Clinic, experts in all thing’s hair loss. We provide a range of solutions to help you combat hair loss, including Hair Replacement Systems for men & women, Laser Therapy, FUE hair transplants, Trichology and Diagnosis services. Click on a solution below to see how we can help

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Here at the hair clinic UK we understand how difficult it can be going through hair loss. Our aim is to provide each individual client with the best possible results and help you get your confidence back!

At the core of our business is Sebastian Mellor our consultant trichologist. With over seven years’ experience Sebastian has endeavoured to go out and find the best possible hair loss solutions available today. We set ourselves apart by having a trichologist at the foundation of everything we do. It doesn’t matter what age, male or female rest assured that we will do everything we can to get you feeling ‘you’ again.