Hair Systems

What is the The HairClinic's product?

Our product is bespoke, high-end Hair Pieces (Systems) made with ultra-high quality real human hair.

The hair system is designed to replace completely or partially the top of the head.

This area will need to be shaved and the hair system will be applied to the scalp using certified adhesive and will remain on the head for 2-4 weeks.

The Hair System itself can last up to 6 months.

Why choose a hair system over a hair transplant?

Hair transplants have been around for a long time but they do come with some major risks. The results are not guaranteed, there are many cases of rejections of transplants. In most cases the hair will continue to fall forcing you to get more transplants and spend more important sums of money, leaving more scars on your scalp.

You can also only achieve a density of about 50% with a hair transplant while hair systems will give you any desired density between 70% and 130%

Our systems are harm less for your head and your scalp. They assure you a thick, healthy looking full head of hair, risk-free, forever.

How long will the Hair System last before it needs to be replaced?

The durability of your system will depend on a variety of factors like the type of base that you will choose and the maintenance that you apply to it. In average and for the majority of our clients, the hair system will last 4-6 months. We have more fragile (i.e. Ultra Thin Skin) hair systems that, although they have an incredible level or realism, due the their fragility will need to be changed after 1-2 months, while another range of system with a thicker base could last you past the average 4-6 months mark.

How does it stay on?

We use two different type of bonding for our systems. The most common one is our non-chemical, dermatologically tested adhesive (glue) which makes an ultra-solid bond. The second method still is the use double sided specialised tape which is just as good as the glue but allows you to change it yourself quicker and more easily.

Can it fall off?

No, our bonding techniques are highly efficient and if you do not exceed the recommended 3-4 weeks re-bonding cycle, you can be assured that will not have any issues with your hair staying on your head.

Is it made with real hair?

Yes, all our systems are made with ultra-high quality 100% real human hair.

How can I choose the perfect colour for my system?

You can use the colour ordering chart in our hair ordering section but if you are unsure we can also assist you via email if you send us photos or via video chat. You can also send us a sample of your hair which we can get analysed to get the perfect match.

Can I shower/swim with the hair system?

Yes, all our systems can be exposed to water without any problems. The bond is waterproof and you can treat it just like normal hair in the shower. However, if your lifestyle requires you to spend a lot of time with your head wet, ask us for some advice or plan more frequent services.

Can I use hair dryers/straighteners and hair products?

Yes, you can. You can treat and style your hair system just like you would treat normal hair. Water and oil base products are preferable as less damaging for the hair but as long as you wash your hair thoroughly, any products will work.

Can I have any hair style?

Yes! Get inspired, comb it, style it, spike it, that hair is yours and you can finally enjoy any hair styles. We can also give you more advice if you have more precise questions about hair styling. Our team of expert will be very happy to give you tips and tricks.

Services & Maintenance

How often do I need to have a service/re-groom session?

The average service/maintenance cycle is 2-4 weeks. Depending on your lifestyle and personal preferences, you may want to get a service sooner than 2 weeks or later than 4 weeks however we do not recommend going further than 5-6 weeks without refreshing your bond.

What happens during a service?

You can do your service/maintenance sessions yourself using our instructional videos or with our help via video chat.

A service normally consist in removing the hair system, cleaning and shampooing both your head and the hair system, then reapplying a fresh layer of adhesive before refitting the system on your head.

If you are near one of our points of service, you can also get your services done in one of them.

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